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My New Travel Book

My book, On The Other Guy’s Dime, is available in paper and e-book formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple.  Read about our adventures on Facebook and follow me on Twitter:  

A Most Happy Announcement

Dear  Readers,    I am happy to announce that my new travel book, On The Other Guy’s Dime:  A Professionals Guide to Traveling Without Paying (Bookmobile Press) will be available this November.  When it appears, in both paper and e-book versions, I will post a notice on this blog.  If you have appreciated the stories and suggestions contained in these posts you will also enjoy reading the book as it contains far more information about living and working overseas than I could possibly include here.

The book is part travel memoir in which I share some of my most memorable adventures and the lessons learned along the way. It is also a “how-to” guide intended to teach you the skills I have acquired over the years—the ability to locate and evaluate overseas work opportunities and the practical knowledge to turn that information into reality.

So, please keep enjoying the blog posts and, if you have the desire to create your own working vacation adventures, I invite you to watch for the publication of On The Other Guys Dime.   It’s amazing how often good information and simple, direct action can lead to success—exactly the kind of success I want you and your family to experience.