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It Ain’t Just for Teachers Anymore

Let’s give a big thank-you to Kirk Horsted for his insightful post, It’s About the Time, Not Just the Dime. His story helps me clear up a big misunderstanding with my readers about who I am writing for and who can take advantage of working vacations.

Many people think you must be a teacher or professor to take a short-term sabbatical–after all, we are the ones with that fabulous three-month summer vacation every year.  And, in all honesty, when I started this blog and began writing my book I did envisage it being primarily for high school, college, and university teachers.  However, after talking to individuals like Kirk, I quickly realized that the potential audience for my career break travel advice is far wider than that.

Kirk is a great example as he is a self-employed creative arts specialist who made the decision to close up his office once every few years to enjoy the benefits of a short-term working vacation.  In addition to the self-employed, I have talked with retired professionals  (attractive to overseas institutions because of their extensive experience) who took advantage of their newly acquired free time to live and work internationally.  Skilled individuals who, because of the poor economy, are “between jobs” may wish to take a temporary overseas hiatus before sending out their resumes and searching for a job.  Finally, many doctors, lawyers, engineers, business specialists, etc., if given enough lead time to make alternate arrangements for their clients and patients, can apply for and be granted a short-term leave of absence–I have a dentist friend who recently returned from a few months living and working in Australia.

So please don’t think my advice is only meant for those in the classroom.  It also applies to the self-employed, temporarily unemployed, and the no-longer employed as well as those with the motivation and drive to apply for and receive short-term leaves. Regardless of your specialization or schedule, if you have a skill of potential interest to overseas institutions you can have that career break.  Honestly!


Some Great Blogs To Check Out

A few weeks ago I attended a meeting of the Twin Cities Breakaway Group, an assemblage of mid-career professionals who are thinking about living and working overseas.  They are seeking a cultural immersion as well as the opportunity to try something new and exciting in their lives–exactly the people I am addressing in my blog and my new book.  It was fun to spend time with this group of like-minded individuals.

The speaker at the meeting was Sherry Ott, author of  OttsWorld: the Travel and Life Experiences of a Corporate American Runaway.  Sherry is a 40-year old ex-IT professional who, four years ago, quit the cubicle scene and set out to see the world.  She has been blogging about her travel experiences since 2006.   Sherry is also a contributor to the Web site Briefcases to Backpacks which offers useful travel information and assistance for those planning to take either a short-term sabbatical or an extended career break.  Finally, she is also the founder of a movement entitled Meet, Plan, Go whose goal is to motivate and empower people to realize their  long-term overseas travel dreams.  The group sponsors an annual Career Break Boot Camp (this past year it was held in 13 cities) to help people plan and carry out their career break aspirations.  Sherry’s message is exactly the same as mine–if you want, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot take a short-term hiatus from your job and career to have an enriching, eye-opening, and oftentimes life-changing experience.

These are all sites that you might wish to check out, and I have added them to my blog roll in the right-hand column.