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Media Overload

The last couple of weeks were extremely busy in terms of media exposure.  On March 5th I was interviewed by Rudy Maxa, aka the Savvy Traveler, on the radio show Rudy Maxa’s World, syndicated on a hundred stations across the U.S.  You can listen to the interview at:

Simply go to the broadcast entitled “March 5, 2011 – Hour 2” and scroll forward to the 23:45 minute mark where my interview begins.

The following week I made my TV debut on the Minneapolis talk show “KARE-11 Today.”  I was nervous but hope that my fear didn’t come across on camera.  You can be the judge–the streaming video is available at:

Then I hit the trifecta with an invitation to do a segment for the Peter Greenberg Worldwide radio show.  Now I am embarrassed to admit that I had not heard of Peter Greenberg before receiving that invitation.  However, when I saw his list of achievements, I was blown away: Emmy Award winner, investigative reporter (Dateline NBC), New York Times best-selling author, contributor to Forbes magazine, a frequent guest on Oprah, Conan, Dr. Phil, Larry King, and (most important from my point of view) host of a CBS radio show heard on 400+ stations in North America!  This guy is the big cahuna.  You can listen to a podcast of that March 12th show at:

I hope you enjoy these mass media interviews.

Listen To My Latest Interview

On Sunday, January 23rd, I was interviewed about my book On The Other Guy’s Dime by Lizz Sommars of KMTT radio, 103.7 FM, in Seattle.  Lizz, a veteran reporter with 25 years experience in radio, is host of the weekly public affairs show Conversations that discusses issues affecting individuals, families, local communities, and the nation.  The theme of the show I was on was “Saving Money.”

I invite you to listen to a podcast of that interview on the station’s website.  To access it go to  Scroll down to the box labeled Previous Show Topics and Guests, select  ‘Conversations – 1/23/11,’ click the play button, and the podcast will begin.  There were three guests that day, and I was the second.  You can listen to the entire show or simply move the scroll bar forward to the 12 minute 30 second mark where my interview begins.

I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know what you think.

Listen To My Interview On Wisconsin Public Radio

On December 7th, I was interviewed by Jean Faraca of Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) for the show Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders.  The one-hour call in show covered many of the working vacation topics presented in this blog and discussed in my book On The Other Guy’s Dime.

Sitting in the Public Radio Studios

If you would like to listen to that interview the show is available on-line.  Simply go to the WPR link  At the top of the page enter the date December 7th, 2010 and click on GO.  When the day’s list of programs appear on-screen scroll down to 3PM and click Listen.  I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know what you think.  I have a number of upcoming interviews, and I would love to use your thoughts and opinions to make them as helpful as possible.

(Note: If you are in the Philadelphia metro area you can listen to me on the Brian Greenberg Show, WNJC, 1360-AM, Tuesday, Dec. 14th, at 6:45PM.)