Another Great Working Vacation Website

In my last post I identified an excellent online resource for short-term volunteer postings:  Volunteer Stays.  This is the fourth time I have brought a working vacation resource to the reader’s attention:  Transitions Abroad, described in the post A Great Web Site for Working Vacation Planners; International Executive Service Corps, a site listing overseas positions for business and financial specialists discussed in Working Vacations for (Almost) Everyone; and, finally, Doctors Without Borders, a portal containing all sorts of wonderful short-term opportunity for a wide range of health professionals.

Well, I would like to raise that number to five by identifying another outstanding working vacation blog, The Wandering Educator, a site that is, in their own words, “A Global Community of Educators Sharing Travel Experiences.”

My "Official" Badge as an Editor of the Wandering Educator Web Site

(Full disclosure:  I was recently named Academic Travel Editor for this site and have contributed articles.)   The Wandering Educator is not so much a searchable enumeration of overseas jobs as it is a collection of stories, travel memoirs, and words of encouragement from teachers who have lived and worked overseas and who wish to share those experiences with friends and colleagues.   For example, the site currently contains articles about the benefits of taking academic leave for periods as short as one week, one scholar’s working vacation experiences in the townships of Johannesburg, South Africa, and arguments for why a working vacation can help you get out of that academic rut.  The site also contains links to useful travel resources such as book reviews, information on home rentals, and inexpensive airline and train tickets.

If you are a teacher, at any level, considering a short-term working vacation you really should give this Web site the once over.  And, if you are not yet among this cohort you definitely should read my book, On The Other Guy’s Dime, as well as some of the postings on this blog to get yourself into that frame of mind.


One response to “Another Great Working Vacation Website

  1. thanks for the shout-out! we’re so happy to have you on board as our academic editor – and appreciate your contributions!

    and yes – wandering educators is an enormous library about living, traveling, and learning about the world.

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