A Great Web Site For Working Vacation Planners

There are numerous Web sites to help you locate and plan a working vacation.  I mentioned some in earlier posts–Great Blogs to Check Out and Working Vacations for (Almost) Everyone–with another dozen or so in Chapter 14 of my book.   Now  I want to point out a site that may be the single most important working vacation Web portal of all– Transitions Abroad.  For the last 34 years it has been a pioneering travel resource for anyone thinking of working, living, or studying abroad.

Transitions Abroad is a veritable smörgåsbord of helpful hints regarding overseas work.  Within its pages can be found a wealth of information on paid jobs, internships, and volunteer work; short- and long-term postings; professional, semi-skilled, and unskilled work.  For example, under the link “International Jobs” are tips for finding overseas careers, books and articles on international work, pointers to worldwide job portals sorted by profession, and links to websites to help you manage the complex task of relocating to another culture.  If you click on “International Careers and Jobs by Profession” you will find individual listings for Teaching, Business, Arts, Engineering, Health, Law, Public Policy, and the Environment, to name just a few.

For younger job seekers who may not be as far along in the educational pipeline, Transitions Abroad includes information on study abroad opportunities as well as entry-level jobs ideally suited for college students and/or recent graduates, such as being an au pair, working on a farm, teaching English, or summer jobs in the hospitality industry. For those who wish to combine a traditional vacation with short-term, unpaid work in a developing country there are links to meaningful volunteer postings in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central America, South America, and Oceania.  And, even after listing all these features, I have probably described (like the proverbial iceberg) about 10% of what is available on this site.

So, if you are interested in planning a working vacation–from one week to one year, paid/unpaid, professional or entry-level, with or without family–you should do the following:  1) learn about the joys, benefits, and potential pitfalls of working vacations from my book On The Other Guy’s Dime: A Professional’s Guide to Traveling Without Paying, and then 2) log on to the Transitions Abroad website to browse the wide range of working vacation opportunities just waiting for you to apply.

4 responses to “A Great Web Site For Working Vacation Planners

  1. Hey I recommend you check out http://www.volunteerstays.com as well!

  2. Hi Michael, I just loved your blog, I’ll be coming back to read all your posts from the very first! Thank you very much for sharing your experience and tips. I think there are many “new” things that make it easier for people with the will to experience living in another country to actually do it, for example, freelancing, work-from-home opportunities, and home exchange. I say “new” because house exchange is new to me. Have you tried home exchange? I’m a freelance web developer thinking about joining HomeForHome to see how it goes. Any tips on this?

  3. Thank you for these helpful links 🙂

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