My New Travel Book

My book, On The Other Guy’s Dime, is available in paper and e-book formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple.  Read about our adventures on Facebook and follow me on Twitter:  

7 responses to “My New Travel Book

  1. So nice of you to share so much of information. I feel so happy to find such a quality article over the internet.

  2. Hi, Jeff.

    Any word on the e-book? I just looked on Amazon and couldn’t find it. I’m currently traveling and would love to read the book but don’t can’t really have a “dead tree” copy delivered as I don’t have a permanent address.


    • Nathan,

      An E-book version of On The Other Guy’s Dime has been available on Amazon
      for over nine months. Just click here to go to its home page. I hope you enjoy the read
      and would love to hear what you think about it.


  3. Debra Maynard

    I heard you on the radio yesterday, (Raleigh, NC) and I was so excited to look up your book. This is something I ponder every day. I am in awe of those who have figured out how to do it.
    I am looking forward to reading your book. Thank you.
    North Carolina Public School Teacher

  4. I heard your interview this AM on 1180-WHAM in Rochester, NY and immediately looked up your blog. This is something I’ve dreamed about for years, and with our last going to college next year, the time is ripe. Thank you for posting such great information and motivating an armchair traveler like me to make that plane ride happen!

  5. Congrats on the book. I haven’t been able to find it in e-book format through Atasca or Amazon. Where is it available?

    • Dear Jeff and all other E-bookers,

      For those who have searched vainly on Amazon, B&N, or Border’s trying to download an e-book version of On The Other Guy’s Dime, let me offer my apologies. It is not yet available. According to my publisher it takes a few weeks from the time the paper version is produced until the Kindle, Sony, Apple, etc. electronic versions can be made ready. However, he ensures me it will be available soon, most likely right after the first of the year. So, if you would prefer to read my book on a Kindle, Nook, or IPad, I hope you won’t mind waiting just a little bit longer. Thanks so much.

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