The Ideal “Grown Up” Working Vacation, Part II

… more about the ideal grown-up working vacation.

4.   Expectations. Young people may be content simply to live and work in an exotic location, but professionals and their families will not be lured overseas by work experiences alone. While contributing to a developing economy and interacting with local experts will be of primary importance, senior academics and skilled professionals will expect ample opportunity to experience the culture, history, and natural beauty of their host country.  A working vacation must permit participants to take full advantage of what the host country and its region have to offer.

5.   Comfort Zones.  Finally, and perhaps of greatest importance, is that “grown-ups” want and expect a  higher level of comfort than we had when bumming around Europe in our teens or twenties. We no longer travel with a backpack, student discount card, and $20 in our pocket. We are not willing to eat cold pizza and crash for the night on someone’s couch. Reasonable accommodations, personal safety, quality health care, public transportation, good sanitation, and access to healthy and tasty food are of far greater importance.

Living in a Yurt in Rural Mongolia

In summary, then, I will be describing an overseas work experience similar to the Peace Corps but modified to make it attractive to established or retired professionals between roughly 30  and 70.  Specifically, it would last a minimum of one month up to a maximum of twelve, with two to five months typical, make full use of high-level skills, and provide comfortable, safe living accommodations for participants and their families, all within an environment where work and pleasure, professional growth and cultural immersion are of equal importance.

In the coming weeks and months I hope to  convince you that this type of working vacation is the ideal way to combine a paid job with adventure travel and give both you and your family the opportunity to live in and become part of an overseas community.


2 responses to “The Ideal “Grown Up” Working Vacation, Part II

  1. Good list. Comfort would definitely be the key one for my husband and me.

    I’m curious about the picture you chose for this post – it doesn’t necessarily look like the most comfortable accommodations in the senses you mention.

    • Cara,

      You would be surprised how comfortable a yurt is. The inside is spacious, modern, and
      extremely pleasant. However, we only had to live in the yurt for one week. The rest of
      the time we were in a modern, Western-style, one bedroom apartment in Ulan Bator
      that the U.S. Embassy provided for us. So, we really were quite comfortable during our stay.

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